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Louie Seasone 2 Tv Series on FX Adult Comedy A Normal Guy Who's Really Funny

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Photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home
Entertainment Studios

Comedian Louis C.K. Louie Season 2 Review
Fx Original Tv Series

Debut on Blu-ray and DVD June 19,2012 Funny Grown Up Comedy

· This television series on FX is a
comedy with no net. It's called(LOUIE Season
2) and it arrived on Blu-ray June 19,2012 from
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. This
spicy comedic series is slightly based on the
life and times of Emmy Award winning comedian
actor Louis C.K. himself. He's been given full
reign of control so yes vulgarity is abroad so
it's to be expected on FX. Not that there's
anything wrong with that. I along with the
best of good people like a little funny
disgusting stuff every once in awhile. For
this series he's a 41 year old divorced stand
up comedian that comes off as a normal
everyday Joe like the rest of us.

He's trying his best to interact with everyone and live a normal
happy life. He is raising his kids and like
all men, always looking for the ladies to come
around to his way of thinking. Now this is a
grown up comedy. There's nothing here for the
young kids to enjoy. He's got a mouth on him
like there's no tomorrow but hey he is still
funny even with the disgusting topics. He actually
writes edits and directs his own episodes
isn't that something? He must be a talented
guy to have that much control.

Louie Season 2 Blu-ray and DVD comes with
exclusive bonus materials and features you
won't find elsewhere. It has some awesome
celebrity guest stars such as; Jervais and
Joan Rivers to name a couple. As we all know
people who go into the career of comedy love
the attention to be on them. Well that's
exactly what Louie does. He wants the whole
world to revolve around him. His approach is a
bit different and often quite sad but though
you'll feel sorry for him, it will still make
you laugh out loud.
In Season 2, the storyline includes a crisis
for the comedian's pregnant sister who is by
the way one of the most annoying people on the
planet. He also while searching for a new
place to live discovers how low his finances
really are. Yes he finds he has to work like
the rest of us humble human beings. That's
kind of depressing all by itself so no wonder
the man is in a depressed comedic state.

One of the best spoofs you'll see on Season 2 is
the all powerful Joan Rivers having a
hilarious meltdown type conversation about the
comedy profession in general while she's drunk.
Her magic big mouth just flows with
funny statements and riveting comments. It's
one of her finest performances when she is
playing a drunk. Sadly there are a quite a few
bathroom jokes which I don't really adore.
It's such a touchy topic that I'd rather not
hear about it even from Louie.
Many of the topics and jokes revolve around
family members which is always good loads of
material for that. Well at least if your
family is as twisted as mine is. Man the
things I could write to take them all down.

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I was sent a complimentary dvd on blu-ray format for reviewing purposes from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Studios. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thank you to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Studios for sending Diabetic Snacker Reviews this dvd for reviewing purposes.
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1 comment:

  1. Louie is absolutely one of my favorite shows right now. I love the tone, the humor, how it has depth but lacks pretension. It couldn’t be any more perfect I picked up the season two Blu Ray the day it came out. The commentary tracks are awesome, but other than that there aren’t may extras. To combat that, I pulled the show up at Even without being a customer you can check out some of the extra stuff they have for Louie, some behind the scenes stuff that isn’t on the Blu Ray, which was pretty sweet. A Dish coworker and I watched it over our lunch break on my iPad, and got a few strange looks from laughing so hard.