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Product Review House & Home Bath & Spa Slippers Nature's Sleep Cozy Fashion Comfort

Photos courtesy of Nature's Sleep You can connect with the Sponsor Here:

Nature's Sleep Bath & Spa Slippers Comfort Clouds
for your Feet Product Review

Are you like me and love the feel of
something soft on your feet? I know for all you
lucky ducks with swimming pools, you need a good
pair of spa slippers, right? Well I just tried out a
pair of
Nature's Sleep Slippers this month
and wanted to talk about how soft they are.
The slippers arrived quickly and are made of a
quality memory foam material so they are like
walking on cloud pillows. They seem to put a
spring in your step as I feel better when I'm
wearing them. Probably because they are so
soft and comfortable it makes you more

I wear house slippers everyday whether it's
summer spring or dead of winter. Open toe is
always my choice in a slipper mainly because
of my feet swelling so much like they do
because of diabetes. These slippers gave me
plenty of breathing room so I can wear them
anytime I want even if my feet are super
swollen. I've had many many house slippers
that I couldn't wear half of the time because
they didn't give you any extra space. So if
you're diabetic these open toed slippers are
definitely the way to go.
These well made slippers are doubly thick so
you won't be looking for the extra
padding-it's already in there. They have a
high density Memory Foam insole built right
in, which helps cushion your feet. I have severe
Arthritis in my back and other regions. So one
of the things I never do is stand on concrete
floors for a long period of time without some
comfortable shoes or slippers on.
I know a lot of women go barefoot around the
house but I just can't get away with it. I
have to have support and comfort in my
footwear to feel good. So this pair of

Nature's Sleep slippers helped me
tremendously. I don't have any back straining
when I'm wearing them and they are light as a
cloud. I also like how they are not "loud."
These make hardly any noise while you are
walking so you are as quiet as a country
mouse. You don't have to go with open toed
slippers either they have dozens of cute
styles to choose from. Some are closed and
some are open so it's whatever suits your
You can spot clean or wash them in the washing
machinee. I've used Shout on mine so far to
keep them brand new looking. I like how easy
they are to clean. I do appreciate too that if
I really need to I could throw them in the
washer. That's important because I like my
slippers to last a very long time.
Nature's Sleep makes a variety of products
designed to give you an easier life and I am
so glad they do. .

Nature's Sleep Offers:
Pet Beds
Memory Foam mattresses
Memory Foam toppers
Bed Pillows
and more!

So check them out the next time your online
shopping and you'll see they really do have a
lot of useful household items you may need.

You can connect with them Here:
Nature's Sleep Twitter
Nature's Sleep Facebook

Diabetic Snacker Reviews Disclosure:

I was sent complimentary item named above to test and try out in a family friendly review from Nature's Sleep. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thank you to the company Nature's Sleep for sending Diabetic Snacker Reviews this product for reviewing purposes. I am a member of
the Nature's Sleep blogger review program. Thanks also to Mommy PR for
this blog campaign.

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