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SafSlim Product Review Diet Supplement to Help Belly Fat Safflower Oil

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Product Review SafSlim Diet Health Supplement

I do have a problem with belly fat now
in my later years. It's a shame too that when
I was a young 18 year old I was called
"toothpick" by everyone who knew me. :) It's
so funny how things can change in the blink of an
eye or 40 years give or take a few. So since I haven't
been Miss toothpick
for so long, I figured it was time to do
something about it.
SafSlim is a supplement that was created to
specifically target belly fat so I thought why
not give it a trial run. It couldn't hurt
anything that's for sure. I am a type 2
diabetic but I'm not on insulin treatments. I
control my diabetes wit diet and excercise.
Which means I have to eat tiny meals or snacks
about 8 times a day to maintain my blood sugar
level. It can be hard in itself so I'm glad
this type of product wouldn't interrupt that

From SafSlim:

"How does it work? According to the SafSlim
website this belly fat omega activates
hormones such as adiponectin to help mobilize
dormant midsection fat. It also helps curb
appetite kick start metabolism and improve
insulin sensitivity to inhibit belly fat

It's available in Tangerine Cream Fusion and
Strawberry Cream Fusion flavors. The best way
to describe those flavors is it tasting like a
creamsicle popsicle, you know the kind you had
when you were a kid? that used to be my
favorite popsicle favorite from the ice cream
trucks of years ago.

A couple of months ago I added SafSlim to my
healthy eating regimen that I follow and I
have lost a couple of pounds since then.
That's with no additional exercise added in. I
walk 30 minutes a day is the only exercise I
do period and I have been doing that for
months already. A couple of pounds is a good
loss for me as it's slow and I didn't have to
do anything extra in order to do it. I also
will say in fairness that I am on a lot of
medications and some of them are made to
retain weight so I'm fighting my own body to
lose anything. You can go to their website
and find out more about the products and maybe
even try them for yourself.

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SafSlim FAQ

Diabetic Snacker Reviews Disclosure:

I was sent a complimentary item to test and try out in a family friendly review from SafSlim. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thank you to the company SafSlim for sending Diabetic Snacker Reviews this product for independent reviewing purposes.

Full Disclosure Policy

Bio: Diabetic Snacker
Barb is an internet junkie - blogger - product reviewer from Indiana. . She likes blogging about products, cookbooks, movies, and family friendly household products.Especially goods and services that can be purchased online. Promoting brands and business owners on www.diabetic since June 2008 keeps her mailbox filled. She also is available for sponsored posts and freelance writing opportunities. Contactt: diabeticsnacker(at)

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