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Zyrtec Beauty Tips & Tricks To Combat "Allergy Face" Seasonal Allergies Puffy Watery Eyes Red Noses

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Photos courtesy of Zyrtec

Get Zyrtec to Help Control Allergy Face
Seasonal Redness Watery Eyes & Puffy Faces
Beauty Tips & Tricks

Puffy face watery eyes…red nose these beauty
challenges are all too familiar to the
approximately 40 million people who suffer
from indoor and outdoor allergies. As many
allergy sufferers know some of these triggers
can be miserable and cause a major case of
Allergy Face.
To help you and your readers combat “Allergy
Face,” I was sent a
Zyrtec Survival
cosmetic bag to help with "Allergy Face". It was a
beauty survival kit and it
included some of the beauty must haves of
Rebekah George. It was a welcome package for
one because it was so adorable. It was bright
pink and filled to the brim with essentials in
makeup and beauty.

I really love the built in mirror it
contained and the mass samples of cosmetic supplies inside..
But it also came in handy for me.
I hate it when someone thinks you have been
crying and it's really just your allergies!
I'm not sure if nonallergy sufferers know how
serious and embarrassing this can be. Lucky
for me this year I had Zyrtec there to help.

I've always been prone to seasonal allergies
as I'm allergic to everything outside and many
things inside. Like dust, pollen,
trees,grass,mold... you get the point. I
generally try to live indoors under the cool
and comfortable air conditioning. I hardly
ever go outside for any activites if I can
help it. Unless there's going to be plenty of
shade around I'm inside.

If you'd like more beauty and secret makeup
tips for year round relief you can find those
right here:
Loads of tips and tricks are just around the corner for you.
Here's A Few Beauty Tips & Tricks:

"How to feel better:

1. Take a Zyrtec as the first step to help you
feel better - it works at hour one on the
first day you take it. Once you feel better
you can take the proper steps to look better

How to be pretty not puffy:

2. Layer on a copper bronzer and pink blush
combination to really give skin oomph to help
reduce redness and brighten up a puffy face.
How to get rid of the red nose: Layer on a
moisturizing lotion at night and a lighter
weight oil in the morning, followed by a
yellow-based concealer to reduce redness.
How to brighten the eyes: Use a gold shimmer
eye shadow or a white cream eyeliner pencil
underneath your eyebrow arches to make a big
difference without a ton of makeup.

How to use your accessories:

3. If you're running late and don't have time
to cover up all your allergy symptoms,
lipstick and a pair of sunglasses are your
best accessories. knows all too well that those dreaded
allergies can affect not just how you feel but
also how you look. In an effort to help women
look and feel their best, she is teaming up
with the makers of ZYRTEC® and Beauty Expert
Rebekah George."
Spring and summer allergy season is upon us
whether you like it or not. I could live
without it myself. I much prefer the fall and
winter months.

Diabetic Snacker Reviews Disclosure:

I was sent a complimentary beauty bag survival kit mentioned above
to test and try out in a family friendly review from
Zyrtec. Any quoted text above is from an email from the company or pr rep. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thank you to the company Zyrtec for sending Diabetic Snacker Reviews these products for independent reviewing purposes. Thanks also to Hunter Pr
for this campaign.

Full Disclosure Policy

Bio: Diabetic Snacker
Barb is an internet junkie - blogger - product reviewer from Indiana. . She likes blogging about products, cookbooks, movies, and family friendly household products.Especially goods and services that can be purchased online. Promoting brands and business owners on www.diabetic since June 2008 keeps her mailbox filled. She also is available for sponsored posts and freelance writing opportunities. Contactt: diabeticsnacker(at)


  1. Zyrtec is a staple at our sons think it works a heck of a lot better than Claritin for their allergies. I'm so glad you were able to make a healthier version of my brownies! Excellent to know they work with Splenda...thanks for your letting me know :)

  2. My kids use Zyrtec for their allergies and it works better than the other options! I'm the queen the puffy face, so thanks for your tips :)

    PS...also, thanks for the suggestion of adding cinnamon and oats to my bran muffins...great ideas!