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About Me

Hi, My name is Barb and welcome to my site! I live and breathe
for the internet and my dvr recorded tv series. If I'm not on
the computer writing blog posts or reviewing you'll find me
watching tv and catching up on my favorite tv shows. I have over
50 season passes and yes many of them are cooking programs-I
love to watch people cook and find exciting new ideas in the

I am an internet junkie - blogger = kitchen gadget
guru = baking - cooking - food reviewer. I am also a work at home mom from Indiana. Home of The Indianapolis Colts and NFL Super Bowl 2012! I enjoy doing restaurant reviews for Indy - Greenwood local restaurants and business owners. I
like blogging about products,cookbooks,dvds and family
friendly household items especially ones that can be purchased online. I promote brands. I hope my reviews can save moms time and money. If you have a product you want reviewed or a giveaway email me @ diabeticsnacker(at) I also write sponsored posts and do other freelance
and writing opportunities.
I'm always looking for the newest,latest,greatest
"next big thing" to come out,especially having to do with new foods,household products. Indianapolis,
Indiana native, I welcome local event sponsorships too, especially centered around food or Sports. I a big
sports fan for NFL Colts,NBA Pacers, MLB Reds and COLLEGE IU!
Also home of The Super Bowl 2012! I'd like an invite to any events
and parties surrounding any of these favorite Sports of mine.

I've been a wahm and a sahm so I know both
sides of the working/homemaker argument.

I have an interest in any of these
options or let me know what you have in mind

1. Blog Sponsorships
2. Ambassador programs
3. Product & food reviews
4. Blog giveaways
5. Writing for companies
6. Blogging campaigns
7. Writing for gift cards,paypal or products
8. Advertising partners
9. Freelancing gigs for gift cards/products/paypal
10 Receiving products from your sponsor's and writing
reviews for your blog instead of mine.
11.?? writing/blogging/freelancing opps


  1. Hi Barbara

    I wanted to know if you would be interested in one of two things for your blog. My company ( produces multimedia children’s books and we are looking to work with mom bloggers in a couple of capacities.

    First before anything, I think it’s a good idea for you to try out some books on your family. Then if you like what you see, we can talk about the other options below. Use this link to receive 2 complimentary multimedia children’s books

    Below are the following ways we can work together:
    1) We could let you host a traditional giveaway, which means that you would give 2 free children’s books to each of your readers/followers OR…
    2) We could work out an affiliate program where you could do the same giveaway but we would pay you for your efforts. Not only would we pay you for the initial sale, we would pay you on every sale made from referral customers, with no limitations. You will need to watch this short presentation to understand what I mean. But it works the same way, you can either place a banner on your site and/or add a signature line at the end of each of your giveaways telling your readers about the free books. When they are sold on the product and buy more, you earn a commission. And when they refer friends, and those friends refer others who make a purchase (with no end) you earn the same commission. It’s a very compelling program that I think you’ll like.

    Here is a link for a short 2 minute demo of our product (You will be amazed at how a children’s book comes to life with animation, professional narration, music, sound effects and word highlighting.

    If you think this would be a good fit for your blog, I would love to speak further with you. Please email me at for further details.


    Andrew Gitt

  2. The Katz Bakery contest is over so we can't enter, but your giveaway ends on 1/10. Is there another way to fulfill the mandatory entry?
    arobimom at gmail dot com